Baby Love Quilt Pattern

Since the day I opened my “doors” to Stacked Fabric Company, I have been asked numerous questions about quilting. Everything from fabric choices, to pattern suggestions. However, the most common questions people ask are about baby quilts. So I thought, what I could do to help my followers in this area, and creating a simple baby quilt pattern seemed like a good idea!

 Peter pan quilt stacked fabric company

Before I started Stacked Fabric Company I used to run Baby Love Shoppe and create custom baby quilts for other people. During those years I came up with my Go-To quilt pattern, that I have recreated in so many color combinations. So, when I started to think about what pattern I wanted to offer, this quilt kept popping into my head. Its truly a versatile pattern that you will love to recreate over and over again, just like me.


After I decided what quilt I wanted to do, I got to the fun part… CHOOSING FABRICS!! However, once I started pulling fabrics together I couldn’t stop, I started off with a boy version in the ever so cute, Peter Pan fabrics and another using the famous Rosa Peach Floral. But I couldn’t stop there, so there are now four versions for you guys to choose from. There are two “boy versions”, one called Hudson, and another in Peter Pan fabrics. And for the girls, we have the Rosa Peach and another Peter Pan option but girly. However, if these do not suite your baby’s color theme, please message us for a custom quilt kit.

So for all you beginner quilters out there, I highly recommend giving this quilt pattern a try. It will take you no more than a day to piece together… (Okay, maybe more, depending on if you have kids to run after). But truthfully, I had the top pieced together in 1 hour, but that’s mainly because my mom took my kids, so I had no distractions #quiltingwin

peter pan quilt stacked fabric company

Thank you so much for reading and when you decide to make this quilt don’t forget to share pictures on Instagram or Facebook and tag us in them!


Xoxo Nikki




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